Before Your Session 

All Sessions - Disclaimer

As most of the sessions take place in our home studio, we reserve the right to turn away any clients who show any visible signs of illness. Should you, or any of your family members be ill within a few days before our session, please contact me to reschedule. The photographer is a mother to an immunocompromised child and catching even a cold can be fatal to them. On top of that, we work with newborns a LOT and we wouldn't want to transmit any illnesses to them or their families - we ask that as a common courtesy you please do not come sick. We understand that illness happens and would be glad to reschedule your session for everyone's safety. All sessions require a signed contract. This is to protect the client and the photographer. Please be sure to print and sign the contract before your session. All sessions must be paid for in advance. This again is for the client and photographer's benefit.

Newborn Sessions

We recommend that you book your newborn session PRIOR to giving birth. This will give us time to prepare any extra colours or props that you request as well as ensure that you have a date that will work with your schedule. Please don't worry if you go past your due date; the photographer knows that this happens and has no problem rescheduling. The best time to schedule your session is between 2 and 14 days. We can do later, but these are the optimal times that allow us to get them into those sweet, dreamy, scrunchy newborn poses everyone loves. Once past this date, they start to stretch and become more aware and while we can still get beautiful shots, I cannot guarantee you those beautiful sleepy poses. Acne can also flare up after the 14 days passes. Newborn mini sessions can take place up to 3 months but they are booked under the understanding that babies may not allow for wrapped shots and will possibly be difficult to get into pretty, posed shots - but we CAN get lovely shots of them playing on coloured fur rugs (please check my galleries for these images) and also get lovely detail shots - lips, eyes, eyelashes, toes, etc! Our newborn sessions take place in our commercial studio (located near Hunt Club and Uplands)- The lighting in here is BEAUTIFUL and all of our props are here. It gives you a bigger choice of items to choose from and you won't have to pay extra for transportation fees. Because newborns are obviously used to being in a warm womb, we make our studio quite warm for the session. Therefore it is suggested that you wear light clothing so you aren't overheating. Don't worry, we have plenty of water available to our clients. Please loosen your baby's diaper 30 minutes before the session(except mini session clients). This is so the baby's skin doesn't have diaper imprints on it. We encourage you to do whatever you can to make sure your baby is nice and sleepy for your session. Newborn sessions take anywhere from 1 to 4 hours. Patience is key. Don't worry if your baby poops on our props! Poop happens; the props are all washed in between newborn shoots. Bring lots of wipes for your baby in case this happens! Make sure to put lotion on your baby before you come; this will prevent dry skin patches from showing in your images. Obviously I am not going to tell you what to eat or what not to eat, but it helps your baby to relax if you don't eat foods that will make your baby gassy for 48 hours before your session. It just makes things run more smoothly. (This is for breastfeeding mommies only) Please let the photographer know if you have any colour/prop requests before your session. We also request that you please read our "all sessions- things you should know"- and ask that you please please please do not come to our studio with any signs of illness or that you be healthy for at least three days before our session. This is not only to protect our other clients but the photographer has an immunocompromised son- while everything is sanitized after the session, it would make life a lot easier on everyone if we just rescheduled in the case of illness. Last but not least, RELAX AND ENJOY!

Family Sessions

I often get asked how to prepare for family sessions. It really works best if you first of all all come healthy and well rested, especially if you are coming with children. Bring snacks for kids, and an extra change of clothes- especially if we are doing outdoor sessions. Wipes are also a must for noses and dirt. Please bring a comb or brush for your hair- this is because well, wind happens! In terms of clothing, it helps if you wear neutral clothing. Plaid and clothing with busy labels tends to draw the eyes and take away from the real subject in the photo- your family! Last but not least, please read the "all sessions disclaimer" page. And bring your contract signed of course!

Maternity Sessions

Before you ask, maternity sessions can actually be done at all stages of your pregnancy! I have even done announcements at the beginning stages of pregnancy, along with gender reveals. If you are bringing a toddler or child, please bring wipes, toys, and activities for the child to play with. I also ask that in the case that you are to use one of my gowns that you please bring a strapless bra or an extra charge of $25 applies to remove the straps in photoshop. If you have any other editing requests such as weight loss, double chin removal, etc, it will also be an extra charge - these things take extra time =) If you have any posing requests (pinterest) please show me in advance. While I hope that you are choosing me for my style, I would be more than happy to accommodate your requests in my own way without stealing from a fellow photographer. Last but not least, please relax! It is my job to make you look and feel beautiful. Enjoy your time and it will show in the images.

What are your covid-19 precautions?

Because we sanitize and clean all equipment used after each session, not much has changed, except we ensure everyone entering the studio wears a mask, removes shoes, and sanitizes their hands frequently. Anyone who has been in contact with someone who has been sick or has any covid-19 symptoms will not be permitted into the studio. If permitted, long lenses are used to keep with social distancing rules. At home, we social distance all the time - avoiding contact with anyone, except during newborn sessions. Props or items from outside of the studio are not allowed in unless they are directly required to care for your newborn. Only newborn sessions are done in studio; all other sessions are done outdoors. As the mother of an immunocompromised child, and a nurse, I take your health, and that of your family's, very seriously.

How long until I get my images?

The unedited gallery is sent within 3 days after the session up to a week; final choices must be chosen by the client within two weeks of the delivery of the unedited gallery. If images are not chosen, gallery is archived for two months. There is a $25 fee to unarchive your files. After final selection of images, the images are placed in queue. It can take up to a month to deliver final images, but typically they are delivered within two weeks. Your images can be delivered within two days for a rush fee of $100.

Why can't I have all the files?

Well, it's like asking a professional chef for the recipe- the files contain data that is specific to my style and it is also my artwork. I have invested a lot of time and money to perfect my craft and would not want you to have unfinished work. Additional files can be purchased according to the price on your contract.

Can I have the unedited files?

Yes, you can have the unedited files for $1000 per image.

Will my images be shown on social media?

We only show our favourite images on social media, UNLESS SPECIFICALLY ASKED NOT TO BY THE CLIENT. Clients should carefully review their contract; our contracts have a model release on them and signing this indicates that we have the right to post the images. That having been said, we do not want to make you happy. Some people choose to live a more private life and we respect that, so if you see your images on social media and you do not like this, you can request that we remove =)

Can I bring outside props?

We ask that you don't, unless they are of sentimental value. When parents try to control the session, we lose a lot of our artistic vision and a lot of the time of the session disrupts the workflow which impedes on our ability to provide the most variety and amount of shots we get for you to choose from. However, if you have ONE item of sentimental value, please let us know before the session and we will do our best to include it towards the end of the session when we are absolutely sure we can deliver you the most images and variety possible.

I saw this image on pinterest, can you please copy?

Sorry, but this is not a request that we can accommodate. If you have some ideas that you would like, please show us at your email consult so we can determine if this will be achievable or not. Our photography brand has a specific style that we have worked hard on; asking us to copy another photographer is infringing on copyright and is not our forte. It's like asking a steak chef to cook a korean dish - they can probably do it, but it won't taste great. And we want you to have the best images possible, so please look through our galleries and make sure you like what you see!