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Newborns everywhere! I spent this whole weekend doing model calls for newborns. I still haven't had the chance to shoot any boys recently, except for a few which clients asked not to be posted on social media. I have had so much fun getting use out of all of my props, including a little egg basket that I have tried to use three times but everytime the baby hated it! So I would call today's session a success.

A lot of times parents will tell me that their baby doesn't like to be swaddled. The truth is, under a month a lot of babies actually DO like to be swaddled, but parents get freaked out when their child starts to cry. If you "wrap through the cry", you will find that 90 percent of babies will automatically settle once they are confined into a nice warm wrap. The baby I had today was a perfect example of this. She was pretty fussy almost the whole time, and I found out that all she really wanted was to be nice and tightly confined, so I had to wrap her different ways to get the shot. And once she finally fell asleep, I was able to pose her into different poses like the bum up pose, taco pose, and an eggshell wrap pose. I will post these pictures later; I just haven't had a second to edit them (I am running behind on my editing!! Sorry everyone!).

I'll be placing an order for more props tonight and I am so excited! Hopefully everyone likes them and I can get some new newborns in with another newborn model call. Looking forward to bringing lots more beautiful artistic newborn shots to my clients!

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