Why a Photographer Creates Art and Not Just Pictures

Even though I charge on the lower end of the scale for my area for photography rates, I still get people surprised that a session costs so much. What a lot of people do not realize, and that included me before I started photography, is the work that goes into just creating one image. Photography is not just clicking a button; a lot of work goes into it. You have to understand how your camera works, how to manipulate light, safety if you are photographing newborns, flattering angles, composition, Photoshop, and many many other things.

For example, for me to get into newborn photography, I have taken many courses to posing and safety. It is VERY important; we are handling a family's most important, cherished thing/person. We have to learn how to follow baby's cues and how to soothe a baby; a lot of times parents will be shocked that things that didn't work at home, such as swaddling, will work in the studio. There is a famous photographer who I look up to (Ana Brandt) who always says, "wrap through the cry". Trust me, it works! I am not magic, I just have a lot of patience and experience.

Editing images is another HUGE part of the process and it really just pulls your ideas together. Some shots that people would generally throw away can at times be saved. This is my job!

There is an example below:

Before and after!

Honestly, if you are trying to be a photographer, or are just plain interestdd in photography, don't be discouraged if your images aren't exactly what you want. Just persevere through that and watch a lot of videos. And the most important thing: LEARN your camera and lighting! 

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