Can an older newborn still have a newborn session?

A lot of people wonder why most photographers (who specialize in newborns) can only photograph in their "chosen" ages - usually anywhere from 3 to 14 days. The reason is after 10 days or so the baby tends to become more alert and is less willing to bend into those pretty poses you often see on our blogs/portfolios! We take a lot of time honing our skills and spend a lot of money on education learning how to best get babies into these poses.

It is a lot of fun, but what if you miss that window?

Can your baby still have a newborn session?

There are lots of things that could possibly prevent you from being able to get a newborn session done in that photographer's preferred window: medical issues, weather (come on, we live in Canada! We all know how the weather can be - this year there were a LOT of snow days also!), car troubles, sitter troubles, whatever your issue may be! I have had quite a few babies that were over my preferred age. The shoot will only go as well as the mindset you have coming into it. If you agree to just allow the photographer to follow the baby's lead, it will most likely go great! We are all trained to deal with older babies.

However, if you are going in with the mindset that you MUST get those adorable poses, you might be quite disappointed. There ARE of course some babies who will still do it at that age, especially preemies. But a lot also will not.

I had a shoot today where the baby was 5 - almost 6- weeks old.

She was absolutely adorable!

The most calm baby I have met. I am so glad I had a lot of brand new rompers for her to wear, because that really saved us.

I got so many beautiful pictures from her session. Were they the usual poses I go to? Not really. But the baby wanted to do her own thing, and I let her.

So the point is, you CAN get a newborn shoot done, but you have to be more flexible with the types of shots you want!

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