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Hi everyone,

I'm here today to write a post about a recent family shoot that I had! 

It was actually one of my favourite shoots yet. We went to the arboretum. Hoping for flowers, but unfortunately had just missed them by a few days. However, we did get some really beautiful candid shots. I do have a studio, but obviously the candid shots are the best for capturing true emotion, and I get a lot of parents that always want their kids to just smile. The truth is, even if you can get them to smile, it isn't genuine unless you are making them laugh. Sometimes it is best to just bring a few toys or items that the child likes and just let them be! They are still learning about the world and being in a strangers home studio can be pretty overwhelming, especially with a lot of things they probably haven't ever seen before. Like lights, backdrop stands, all these towering things... just give them a chance to adjust and realize that the photographer is not going to hurt them, and try to relax, as they pick up on your vibes as well! The good thing is, at my studio in Alta vista, I mainly shoot newborns and babies and on top of that I also have a two year old of my own, so I do have some toys and I know what it's like, but sometimes it is hard to convince parents that I know what kind of pictures they are going for but that they won't get t the way that they are going about it. 

Now of course, it's easy to say this without proof.

This client I had had confided in me that she had had no luck with getting usable pictures of her kids for the past few years, maybe she would get two or three, but wig out shoot she ended up spending a considerable amount more on extra images.  I'm not going to say anything else and just show you! 

Aren't they pretty? So sometimes it's just better to let things flow normally and have your photographer always ready! 

I hope I have convinced you :D 

Striving to be the best newborn and family photographer in Ottawa, as always!! 

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