What You See VS What a Pro Sees

Hi everyone! Time for my weekly blog post. 

Summer seems to be a super busy time for all photographers as everyone wants outdoor shoots, and of course, it is wedding season. Even though I had originally said I didn't want to touch weddings with a fifth foot pole, a local photographer pleaded for help from a second shooter for a recent wedding, and I figured hey, why not. It was actually a lot of fun; you get to document real emotions and it is very beautiful. I may or may not have shed a few tears. 

So looks like I'll be getting into weddings especially next year :) Can't wait for what the future brings and I am really loving my job!

Anyways, on to what this post is all about. I'm a part of a lot of different photographer communities online and we all support each other for the most part. However there are a lot of things that we all disagree on such as contracts and allowing our clients to bring in outside cameras. Personally, I do not see he difference because a cell phone camera may give you quality pictures for Facebook but you have obviously chosen me for a reason. So I'm going to go out on a limb here and say you like my work and you think I can provide something that you can't do on your own. That's where all of the education and training and free shoots and experience!!! Come in. 

Here is an awesome example of a shoot I had today: 

Clients photo: 

My photo:

Considerably different isn't it?

I would just say if a client asks you if they can use their cell phone, just say yes. Often it's times they don't want to wait for the edited image and hey, you would be excited if it were your kid too ;) 

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