Tips for Posing in Pictures

Whenever I do maternity or newborn family shoots, it's a common thing to be asked how to pose. Of course, whenever I give tips, people are often surprised how I tell them to move; poses are often awkward feeling in order to get your best angle or looking good in pictures.

1. Keep your chin down.

No seriously, keep your chin down. The most unflattering thing in pictures is for me to shoot up your nose. Just make sure not to put your chin down so far that you're making double chins!

2. It's an obvious one, but stand up nice and tall. Keep your shoulders back, and make a nice slight arch in your back. It looks so much better than when you are slouching over, as I'm sure you already know.

3. I'll often tell you to look down, but moving your eyes completely down can be unflattering, so fake it!! You don't have to completely look down, but just enough so I can get that pretty "eyelash" shot.

4. Look towards the light

This is mainly my job, but sometimes people turn their faces away from the light, and it's super unflattering when your entire face is in shadow. Keep in mind where he light/sun is, and you'll be good to go!

5. This one is for newborn pictures, but in the family shots the go-to poses seem super awkward but they look so much more put together in pictures than just holding your baby like you normally do! You may need help with that one, so don't be afraid to ask.

Hope you got some good tips out of this, and if you can remember all these tips you will be good to go! 

Happy pictures everyone :) 

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