Why You Should Book with Erika Michelle Photography

Sometimes in all honesty it's quite difficult to think of things to write about. 

And it's probably difficult to choose a photographer as well.

There are so many amazing photographers in Ottawa nowadays. So many people who have talent. It probably makes things pretty difficult. 

So why should you book with me?

1. Flexibility 

I'm a stay at home mom so I have lots of time. Providing I can get a babysitter, I am free pretty much all of the time. Most of my free time, if not all of my free time, is dedicated to editing, working on my website, or photography education.

2. I know what I'm doing

When you choose a photographer, there should be a few things to look at. Are the photos clear? Are the colours true to life? How is their knowledge of lighting? Does their portfolio show a variety of situations? These are good pointers for looking at their skill. Dedicated photographers truly do just that- they dedicate their time to perfecting their skill. I spend a lot -more than I would like to admit- on education. Photography workshops, posing workshops, editing workshops. I LOVE it. Please do not choose the cheapest photographer; there are so many people who have an entry level camera incapable of shooting a variety of lighting situations and have zero education on what they are doing. You will basically be throwing your money away and end up spending twice as much to get usableres. Don't get me wrong; the camera isn't the most important thing. But someone with an entry level camera most likely doesn't have good portrait lenses or a good knowledge of how they work. And that is super important.

3. I am truly passionate about what I do

I will get down in the mud if I think that I will get a good shot. Seriously. I come home from outdoor shoots full of mud at times. I love seeing the product of my hard work and bringing these images to life. 

4. You get to choose your images with me.

Yup, that's right! I go through all the images and upload unedited ones, then you get to choose. Then I edit! There is even a space for you to write editing requests. 

5. I have a wide variety of beautiful products that will be coming. 

So you should definitely book with me! :D 

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