Tips for Getting Pictures of Toddlers

Seriously, toddlers are the hardest people to get pictures of. They are all about asserting their independence and it doesn't change at all when it's time they to get pictures of them. They will do the exact opposite you asked of them and won't sit down or look at the camera. I just had a shoot the other day where the parents had pretty high hopes of getting pictures of their toddler with the baby and we couldn't even get one (it was a first for me but thank god for photoshop) and the parents were getting frustrated that he wouldn't sit. 

It doesn't just go for newborn sessions, weddings, cake smashes, sibling pictures and even maternity when we do family shots; it's all the same. So I have a few tips:

1. Don't let the toddler sense you are getting frustrated. 

2. Continue the shoot as if you couldn't care if the toddler got their pics taken or not; often they get jealous and will come and sit for one or two pictures

3. Try not to get too disappointed if they won't smile and look at the camera because often the natural pics are the best and chances are they won't listen anyways 

4. This is the time to bribe your kid with YouTube, tv, sweets, toys. If you are really that set you need to bring an arsenal of bribes

5. Give them something to do and make them seem like they are helping

Do you have any tips that you would like to add for things that have helped you? 

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