What camera should I get?

One of the questions a lot of new parents ask me is if I were to get a camera just for daily stuff, what should I get?

I mean, it is totally up to you. It depends on what you are going to use it for.

The one thing I recommend for parents (as we all know kids don't sit still) is to purchase a camera that has a focusing motor in it. It will make your life soooo much easier when purchasing lenses and also photographing kids. If you don't purchase a camera with a focusing motor you will have to manually focus your lens for every time your kids move. Trust me, I started off with a camera like this and it was soooo hard to get good pictures as a beginner. 

I also would like to point out (and this is just my personal opinion) that I always recommend getting a camera BODY and not the kit, because honestly the kid lenses suck. If you want to get a better camera Henry's and VIstek also have refurbished cameras that are like new that will give you a good camera for a reasonable price.

As for lenses, I highly recommend a 50mm 1.8 for day to day use. It's beautiful for everyday things and 50mm never comes off my camera unless I am shooting above the baby. Some people also use the 24-70 lens as it's a good all around lens but it's a lot more expensive and I honestly prefer doing the zooming with my feet instead of with the lens :)

A 35mm lens is pretty good too but you will get some distortion which can be pretty unflattering especially on adult faces. 

Invest some money into some good memory cards and an extra battery as well, because the last thing you want when you're on a family vacation is to run out of battery and nowhere to charge :) 

There are so many different types of photography and every photographer has their own needs and preferences for which camera is best so I'm honestly not going to go too much into it. It's kind of like a chef, the better equipment and the lower end equipment will all get the job done, and the results will not be too visible to those who don't know too much about it. 

I do know also that lots of people make the argument that cell phones take great pictures, but they will never beat a dslr. You can control so many things with a dslr that a cell phone camera so far cannot beat :)

And that's not to say I don't use my cell phone for pictures. I don't really want to carry my dslr everytime we go to the park, but I do try every few months as I do really enjoy having good quality photographs of my son as he grows. 

I recently did a session and I would like to show you some of the screenshots because this baby was so cute!!

 Those cute little toes, chubby cheeks, long fingers. She was so beautiful and she smiled soooo many times! 

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