Capturing those Newborn Moments

Capturing those new moments This sentence may sound cliché, but I remember it like it was yesterday. Bringing in a new bundle of joy to this world. The months leading up to this very day in time where I would finally meet this little baby that I have grown to love and care for so much. All the emotions I was feeling in that very moment in time were overwhelming but unlike anything else. Those moments however, seem so blurry because of all the hustle and bustle in that first week of life. Between the hospital stay, the paperwork, all the visits and bringing our newborn home, it seemed like that week flew by. Luckily enough, we were able to capture those few weeks on camera to remember for life. Hiring a photographer for any of our newborns was something we had always discussed and agreed on. Having a newborn can be stressful. It's absolutely wonderful, but it can go by so fast. Having a photographer with us during these first few weeks with a newborn was the best decision we ever made. It gave us a chance to capture precious moments between mother and daughter, father and daughter, even grandma and grand daughter. I remember holding my daughter and feeling so blessed to be in this very place and time with her. For these times to be captured in those lenses, to be with us forever. Having someone take pictures of us as a family with our newborn felt so natural and helped us bond in a way we never imagined. To this day, we always go back to those beautiful pictures and reminisce. We recount those moments, smile; and at times, shed a tear. Both for the time no longer with us, but mostly for the small moments captured to be looked upon for the rest of our lives. 

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