Capturing Moments Beween Siblings

Growing up as an only child, I always knew I would want more than one baby. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being the centre of my moms universe and getting all the attention and love. However I missed out on having a brother or sister, a sibling, a best friend. Someone to take on great adventures, play with, and let's be honest; point the finger at when I'm about to get in trouble. So after giving birth to my first daughter Everleigh, my husband and I discussed right away when we would want to try for a second. We wanted to have two children close enough in age where they could easily relate, but not too close. A little under two years later, we welcomed our second daughter, Eliza, into the world. I was over the moon having two little girls. Sisters. From the day I brought my second daughter home, I couldn't get enough of both of my girls being together. Everleigh wasn't too sure about this new addition in our family, and kept her distance for some time. But as the days went on, she was discovering that maybe this wasn't so bad. She had realized, this little baby was about to be there for her every step of the way. Every moment I could, I would be recording these two on video, taking pictures of them and admiring them. Every night, when my husband and I would put them to bed, we would sit on the couch, go through each video and picture of the day, and admire the beauty of our girls and the pure innocence. Sometimes, as I go through these images, I can't help but smile and laugh. These moments may not have been noticed if they hadn't of been captured through a photograph. The two cuddling for what seemed like 2 seconds, the two sharing a toy or a book, even the two getting along. Every moment between these two girls is a precious gift for my husband and I. So when we can capture it on camera, I am so happy and blessed. To this day, we still go through those pictures and videos and reminisce. Sometimes, I feel as though maybe I take too many pictures and bombard them with a camera in their face, but this is far from the truth. You can never take too many pictures of your children. As cliché as this may sound, they grow up so fast and moments come and go. The days are long, but the years are short. These are moments in time, memories captured still, for me to admire for the rest of my life and for my girls to remember always.  

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