Au Revoir to Summer

By Tanya As we say goodbye to summer, I can't help but reminisce of all the memories that were made throughout the months. With the hot sun, the crisp air, the times spent with my family and friends and all those exact things caught on camera. Summer has to be one of my favourite seasons to photograph because so much is going on. Today, I want to go back on those times and give you my list of top 5 best moments/places to photograph summer here in Ottawa. 1. Sunrises/Sunsets: There's something so beautiful and magical about the rising and setting of the sun. The fresh start of the day where anything can happen, and the end of the day, where nature shows us that even the ending of something can be so beautiful. The wonderful thing about sunrises and sunsets, is there's pretty much no wrong way to take pictures of it. Ottawa has some of the most beautiful locations to take pictures of the sun rising or setting. Whether it be in parks, on the beach, over the canal, photography of sunrises and sunsets in the summer has always been one of my favourite things to do. 2. Beaches: Ah, so many memories this summer at the Ottawa beaches with my family. Memories that will last a lifetime. I couldn't get enough of all the wonderful shots I was able to get. It's such a peaceful place to be, with the warm sand beneath our feet, and the cool and refreshing water all around us. Beaches are a place you can see lots of families getting together and creating memories themselves. Considering it was my daughters first time at the beach, I was able to photograph them going into the vast water for the first time, eating sand (of course this had to be a thing), playing with beach toys and having our very first picnic. 3. Fireworks: With the many festivals and fairs in Ottawa during the summer, including Canada Day, how could I leave out fireworks? They've are one of my favourite events to photograph, in Ottawa especially! This year was Canada's 150 and the fireworks were so phenomenal to photograph! The show was spectacular, and the atmosphere was something else. Fireworks has always been something special to me since it usually means a celebration is happening, and who doesn't love that? Capturing that moment of bliss, that explosion of happiness and celebration. They always turn out beautiful and bring back more memories than just the firework itself. 4. Cliff jumps: This one may seem cliché to a lot of people. However, there's something oddly fascinating about someone taking a leap of faith into the unknown water. That rush right before the jump and capturing those feelings before, during and after the jump is so rewarding and energizing. I have only done it once or twice, but photographing cliff jumps is always a summer staple. 5. Weddings: I will go into more detail about my love of weddings and photographing them, but they are a must for my top 5. Ottawa has some of the most beautiful locations and buildings to photograph weddings. My own wedding was photographed behind the Museum of History in Hull and it was breathtaking with Parliament in the background. Being able to capture the love between two people during their special day is something unlike anything else. It's powerful, and summer provides such a happy and beautiful time of year to do it. It's one of the more popular times to get married. And there you have it, my top 5 places or moments to photograph here in Ottawa during the summer. 

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