Fall Family Portraits

Hello Fall I'm head over heels about Fall! The cool crisp air, the beautiful rustic colours of orange, yellow and red, and the magical photos that can be taken outdoors. As I did in my last post, I will be listing my top four areas/locations to photograph in the Fall. Ottawa has some spectacular areas to photograph during this beautiful season. Autumn offers some amazing opportunities for some great outdoor family photos and I cannot wait to tell you about my top four. Let's begin! 1. The colours/textures: It may seem obvious when we think about Fall. The beautiful rustic colour of the leaves as they leave Summer behind and invite Fall in. There is nothing more beautiful than capturing the magical mix of all those different colours in the background. Best way to incorporate all these lovely autumn colours into your family photography is with trees in the background such as in a park or forest. The textures of the fall are also a wonderful thing to capture. Textures like the leaves on the forward path, the rough tree barks, chopped firewood, the clear waters etc. All this adds diversity and range to any picture taken. One of my favourite places to photograph the Fall colours in Ottawa/Gatineau is the Mackenzie King Estate. It's rich colours in mid to end of October is a traditional place for our family to go take photographs. It too has a white range of textured areas such as ruins, trees, fields, etc. 2. Sunrise/Sunsets: This is a staple in all seasons. Sunrises and sunsets capture the start and end of the days events and can showcase natures true beauty. The lighting of the sun coming up or going down does wonderful things for the Fall colours. Pairing these sunrises or sunsets by a body of water to get the beautiful reflection is phenomenal. Pink Lake in Gatineau is a fine example of how beautiful sunrises and sunsets by the water can be to photograph. Take advantage of natures beauty in a beginning and end. 3. Leaves/Pumpkins: These two are a must to include in any Fall photography. As mentioned above, the colours and textures of the leaves speak volumes in a picture. They are rich and showcase the end of a season to introduce a new one. Pumpkins are another fun thing to incorporate because not only does it remind us of Fall, but it's the poster for Halloween and has a rich history in itself. It reminds me of when I was a child, carving my own pumpkin to display and many other fond traditional memories growing up. Including these little things into your photography can make a picture go from ordinary to extraordinary. 4. As a mom to two beautiful girls, my favourite thing to photograph during this beautiful season is my children. Ottawa has some beautiful locations and activities that can be photographed with children. One of my favourites is your typical leaf throwing picture. There's is nothing sweeter than seeing the joy in a child's face as they gather all the fallen leaves into a big pile, jump in and throw them up. That moment right there is worth a thousand words. Other examples of unique Fall photos to take with children include but are not limited to, pumpkin picking in a field or patch, apple picking at an orchard, picnic in a park etc. Ottawa has some true gems when it comes to locations to photograph and Autumn just helps to showcase it. It's a great season to go ahead and get those family portraits taken, get the children out for some pictures, or just spend time outdoors and photographing the different aspects of this wonderful season I can't help but "Fall" in love. 

So book your family photos today! I can't wait to meet you :) 

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