Maternity Photography in Ottawa

Motherhood blessings I've always been an avid fan of all types of photography. How someone can take a camera, and make beautiful memories come to life. How they can create such diverse emotions through a lens. How a single moment captured in time, is a moment to last forever. It's truly magical. One of my favourite kinds of photography, is motherhood. I like to think there are two types of motherhood photography. First time moms during that beautiful pregnancy glory, and mothers of children young or old. Mothers are superheroes, and to capture those moments in time are treasures of a lifetime. Moms to be : How beautiful is a new mother carrying her new baby. The beauty of a growing child in the womb and a mothers glow radiant as the sun. This is why I absolutely love maternity photography. A woman who is carrying a child has such hope, excitement and love in the way she holds herself. It shows without any effort in images that are taken. When I was pregnant with both my girls, I felt like a superhero, like I was strong and beautiful (regardless of the side effects we all know too well). Being photographed, I couldn't help but feel even more beautiful as I sat there and took in the moment, all lenses on me and my beautiful baby bump. As I had mentioned, there is something so beautiful about photographing a mom to be in all her new glow and glory. Mom of children (young or old) : Very much like mom's to be, mothers who get pictures taken with their children is breathtaking to me. What I love the most is the natural feeling a look a mother has with her children around her. The innate instinct to love and cherish them comes out through the lens and it always warms my heart. Photographing a mother and her children has got to be one of the most rewarding because not only do you get to see the love a mother has for her children, but you also get to see the love those children hold for their mother. The way they look up to her and learn from her in every way. From experience, motherhood is the greatest treasure and miracle life has given me, and capturing those tiny moments through a camera makes a big impact. Go moms, you are superheroes and your beauty shines for all to see!

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