Talent and Admiration

Talent and admiration For years and years, I always admired people who were able to catch such breathtaking moments through a camera lense. The skilled talent of photography is nothing to look away from. About 10 years ago, I picked up my first professional Canon camera and started learning what it takes to capture those pictures I admired so much. You would have no idea how much there is to know and learn. All the lighting, positioning, angles, and everything else makes it for a very unique skill. Although not a professional, I do like to take my Canon out from time to time, and go out and capture some special shots. Speaking about talent and skill, I would like to take the time in this post to write up about my great friend and wonderful photographer from Erika Michelle Photography, Erika. Earlier this year, I was blessed to stumble upon Erikas photography page. At the time, she was having a model call for a berry baby photo shoot (I highly suggest you to look that up, it’s beyond adorable). I brought in my youngest daughter, then 7 months old, to be photographed by Erika and not only was I introduced to a talented photographer, but one of the sweetest most genuine people I know. She was very accommodating to both me and my daughter and made me feel instantly comfortable in her abilities. She was so sweet to my daughter and made her smile and laugh. I was impressed from the first shot. She was able to give me tips to help my baby get in that perfect candid position. I’ve been to see Erika now a few more times for additional photo shoots and every time she impressed me more and more. The comfort and ease and pure passion that comes out of her work. You can tell her love of photography through her exceptional final products. I’m more than satisfied every time. So if you are looking for a photographer in Ottawa who is compassionate, who listens to your concerns and helps you get the most out of your session, look no further. You have come to the right place with Erika and will leave with an experience you will never forget.  

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