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Different Christmas Themes The holiday season is upon us, the weather is getting cold and everyone is getting into the spirit. This is also the time people start to think about booking a photographer to take those special Christmas photos of their family or children to share with loved ones and friends. I love all the different kinds of backdrops and themes you can get during the holidays. They are so unique and beautiful. Id love to share my top favourite 5 photography Christmas themes for those beautiful captured moments. 1. Christmas tree and presents: This theme is a classic. It’s one of my absolute favourites to see. The backdrop includes a beautiful lit and decorated Christmas tree with lots of small and big presents all around the tree. The presents are all wrapped in different coloured wrapping paper with ribbon and bows. 2. Lights and decorations: This is another popular classic. It’s as simple as it sounds, with lights (white or coloured), and all types of decorations hanging, big and small. The colour theme can be as diverse as the client as wants. There’s the beautiful white lights as mentioned above and the classic coloured lights. As for the decorations, you can do the same with gold and silver, the classic red and green, or go funky into the purples or blues etc. 3. Snowman building: This one is a fairly new one and not all clients enjoy being outdoors in the cold to have their pictures taken (especially young children). However, I’m sure most remember building a snowman as children. The session includes bundling up and going outdoors to build a snow man and throw snow around. It’s a beautiful memory to enjoy and have photographed. 4. Outdoor tree wonderland: This is one I’ve been introduced to this year and I absolutely adore it. Its very rustic and classic in nature. Including some trees as a backdrop with wood, lanterns, sleighs and checkered blankets. It’s absolutely precious, especially for those toddlers that love exploring. 5. Cookies and milk in bed: This one has to be my absolute favourite theme of all the ones I’ve mentioned. Growing up, I remember staying in my new Christmas pyjamas for the whole Christmas Day and enjoying some fresh cookies and milk. This theme includes just that. The backdrop includes a bed with beautiful pillows and blankets with the addition of a plate with different shaped cookies and a glass of milk. There is nothing sweeter for children than being all cozy in a big bed and in their Christmas pyjamas. Some beautiful pictures comes from this backdrop and it’s cuter than you can imagine. 

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