Choosing a Photographer

How to choose the right photographer I find searching for a good photographer, like shopping for a good hair dresser or a good car mechanic. You need to do your research in different areas and once you find one that you really love, you tend to have a lifetime photographer. There are different tips I can suggest when out looking fo your photographer whether it be for a wedding, family, children, maternity, newborn and all in between. 1. Style: It may come as a surprise to some, but there are quite a few different styles of photography. Some of these styles include documentary (these would be considered spontaneous shots and not posed, more natural). There’s also portraiture, (the opposite of documentary where the photographer takes pictures that are posed of you). There’s edgy and bold (similar to documentary, but the photographer goes out of the box and takes angled shots, not centred etc). There are many other styles, so once you know the style you’re going for, it will be easier to look for someone who will give you just that. There are also a lot of editing styles including light and airy, moody, simple, etc! When you choose a photographer, you are choosing them for their artistic vision, so make sure that the person you choose fits the style you are going for. Otherwise you will be quite unhappy with the edits! 

2. Do your homework: When it comes to photographers, you will usually find many reviews on different websites (Facebook, yelp, google, etc). Read up on what people are saying about the photographer you’re looking into and you will see if they are someone you would like to work with. By searching on social media, you will also be able to view their work and their posts and promotions! 3. Set up an interview: Although not required, many people like meeting with the photographer for an interview to see what they are all about and discuss wants and needs. This is also a good time for the photographer to tell you about them and their work and portfolio. They will also usually bring some of their photographs with them to show you their style and history. An interview with your photographer is a good idea for wedding photography. They will also be glad to answer any questions and concerns you may have. 4. Make sure you mesh: For my last point, it’s as simple as making sure you and your photographer get along and your visions align for what you are looking for. Photographers want to offer you the best of the best and make sure you will be happy with the results. Finding a photographer you get along with will make the session more easy going and great for future needs. 

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