Milestones: Cakesmash Photography

Milestones: Cakesmash As both my children grow, I try and take as many pictures of them as I can. I’d rather have too many pictures of them, than not enough. So every little thing they do seems to be on a camera roll somewhere. The one thing I really enjoyed doing during their first year of life, was taking a month per month portrait of them in the same chair in the same position to showcase their growth. I also included a board with 4-5 things they had accomplished in that specific month. I would include milestones, likes or dislikes, their personality traits, etc. I’ve hung both collages for each one of my girls on the walls to show everyone that comes in. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on the uniqueness of the pictures. One milestone that your photographer would be more than happy to capture for you, and one of my absolute favourites is a cake smash to celebrate their one year birthday! Your photographer will work out the details with you on a colour or theme, and discuss what you are looking to get out of the session (don’t forget, photographers are always happy to answer any questions and concerns you are having to give you the best quality possible). During the session, your baby will have the chance to smash a birthday cake and in some cases wash up in a bubble tub. The results are absolutely adorable! The look on a baby’s face that gets to destroy a delicious cake and eat it, is priceless! Another adorable part of the session is the wash in a tin tub. Seeing a young child play with all the bubbles after getting all messy in cake and icing, is so sweet. So go ahead, book your session today for a cake smash, and you will be happy to look at such a sweet moment in time, years on out! 

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