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Welcome to the world A type of photography package gaining popularity is birthing sessions. This is something I wish I had of known about for both of my daughters birth. I always wonder how I looked during the process, how my husband looked and to be able to relive the moment. If you have decided to go with a birthing session, your chosen photographer and you will meet up weeks or months before your due date to discuss the details. They will want to know your exact due date, trade contact information and discuss what you are looking for in the session. Boundaries will also be discussed so that they can get exactly what you are looking for, all while making you the most comfortable during your beautiful moment. From that point, you will keep in contact from time to time to let them know how you are coming along and feeling during your pregnancy. They want to be ready the moment you are. Once you feel like you are going into labor, it is a good idea to call your photographer to let them know right away (or maybe have someone else call them so mommy can save up her energy and be as stress free as possible). Your photographer will meet you at the discussed location (hospital or home). Once they have arrived, they will set up and they will capture all the wonderful moments during labour and birth. As I mentioned earlier, you and your photographer will have discussed boundaries so they will know just where to go and what to capture. Some moms are open to bare it all and have every single angle photographed to grasp the real and raw moments of birth. Other moms, want simple and minimal pictures taken, just enough to capture the beautiful emotions of all involved. Whichever route you end up choosing, you will not regret it!  

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