It’s no secret that shooting newborns is my absolute favourite type of session to photograph. This year I was lucky enough to be insanely busy with newborn girls who are quite fun to stylize since I have a son! It’s such a treat to be able to use pinks and lots of flowers to decorate the scenes. 

One of my favourite colours to photograph however is cream! Lots of people are scared to put their girls in creams. 

I also really enjoy photographing baby girls in blue. Some parents have expressed that they are worried their baby will look like a boy when they are styled in blue, but with the right accessories it’s quite easy to make it girly! 

My style is filled with a lot of simple styles that focus more on the baby than the “things”- not that prop filled shots are not pretty! It’s just not my style. I work in a really small space and I like to be able to move around to get a lot of pretty detail shots of the baby- eyelashes, fingers, lips-things that the baby will quickly grow out of and you will definitely miss. I say that as a parent! I got into newborn photography after my son was over two years old and it makes me sad that I don’t have those shots of my son. 

Recently, one of my favourite baby posss has become the potato sack pose. Newborns look so cute in this pose! It’s the cutest when you have both hands fingers out, but my last four babies would not let me do this. I’m still working on this pose and I am obsessed with getting it perfect! It’s definitely one of my goals for the New Year.

I also really enjoy wrapping babies and love to look back on all of the progress I have made. It’s really amazing the amount of progress you can make in one year! 

Newborn wrapped shots are great because of the versatility it gives you. With one good base wrap, you can get the newborn into several different props which gives you a good versatility in your gallery and gives you a lot more options of images to choose from :)

I hope that you are all having a lovely Christmas and I will send another updated blog next week. 

What was your favourite part of Christmas?