Fall Family Sessions

When I did my fall family sessions last year (woah, it is so weird to say that), I often got asked if we could change the location as most people didn't know the location that I had picked out.

The truth is, it is up to your photographer to choose the session, and every photographer will get completely different images for sessions. They all have different visions and a different way of seeing things. So when you choose a photographer, it is very important to choose someone who's vision inspires you, or one that you feel would bring out the proper emotion and show the unique bond that your family shares.

I often shoot at a small park called coronation park.

It's very small, trust me.

But so many photogenic places. There are at least 20 beautiful spots to take pictures at, and I have not had one disappointed client once they see their images.

A location doesn't have to be a huge, beautiful place. Your image is only going to contain maybe 7 feet of it. And the current trend in photography is to use "bokeh", or a blurred background anyways, to make the subject pop. So this is another reason you really need to trust your photographer.

Here are a few of the most recently edited images I have taken at the park; some are maternity, some are family. Even though the space is super small, you still get a variety of backgrounds.

Another thing that will vastly change the way that your images look is the lighting. I find that early, early morning makes for the best lighting - like just after sunrise, but also just before sunset. It's a beautiful glow and the sun acts just like a studio light would, illuminating the subject from the side. If the sun gets too high, it tends to create harsh shadows around the subjects eyes (your eyes will look like black holes basically) and I'm pretty sure no one wants this!

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