While my blog is mainly a photography blog I have had to take a break and step back for a bit due to... well, life. 

I recently found out that my 3 year old son would most likely need a transplant. 

He was born with a pretty rare congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which basically means he has half a heart. 

Usually, the doctors compensate by doing a three stage palliative repair done around one week, six months, and 2-4 years of life. My son went for his last surgery and it was discovered he basically has too many problems so we are here in Toronto discussing what would encompass being listed for a heart transplant. 

We are not a hundred percent sure it will be the path we choose but t is a pretty big possibility, so we have kind of stepped down from photography for a bit. I am still taking clients, but mainly only doing maternity and newborn. 

I want to be able to focus on spending time with my son at home before we have to uproot our lives and move to Toronto. 

Thanks so much everyone :)

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