Posing a Newborn

The most popular and most requested pose is actually the bum up pose believe it or not! 

It’s generally a simple pose to do if you have a sleepy sleepy baby. The baby lays down on their tummy on the beanbag, then you slowly pull their hands that are closest to the camera under their cheek, making sure to extend all of the fingers. If the baby starts to stir, you can gently pt the babies bum and put your hand on their back to make them feel “secure”. Sometimes we have to use a soother to get this pose, and people generally are surprised at how much time posing takes- it’s very important to follow the cues the baby gives you :)

Then you pull the back foot over the baby’s calf so you can see the tiny little toes. The important thing in getting this pose just right is making sure that the elbow and knee are touching! It makes lovely little baby rolls and it’s a really big key point in getting this pose just right ;)

Another pose that is requested quite often is the froggy pose. Some people are shocked when they find out it’s all photoshop- you should never leave a baby to support their head with their little underdeveloped wrist. So it’s actually two shots- one where the parent holds the head, and the other where the parent supports the wrist- then they are composited together with careful “erasing” :)

And the final image will look like this! 

I should have made sure to pull the other toes out a little better, but you can clearly see her face and because of the positioning of the newborns hands it looks like she is supporting herself. This pose does take time- you have to follow the baby’s cues and please do not try this with an older baby who is clearly too old to bend this way- you don’t want to hurt a baby or your business ;)

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