All wrapped up

One of the biggest learning curves for me has been wrapping newborns! There is so many different things to learn when learning. How not to make it lumpy, how to make it tight but loose enough that you can manipulate the hands, etc! 

But it is very fun. I find that one of the most important things is wrapping them tight and using a good stretchy wrap. You want a nice thin neutral coloured layer for the bottom wrap to hold them in- it doesn’t really matter how they look, but it is important that it is a light colour so you’re able to cover it with a pretty wrap in whatever colour you want without the first wrap showing through- I like nude coloured fabric. Any places that are lumpy in the wrap you can cover with wool fluff pieces- they are quite inexpensive on Etsy :) it doesn’t have to be fancy because remember how you won’t see any of it! 

Another tip is you want to wrap around their arms twice. If the baby is not wrapped tightly they will be uncomfortable and remember, you want them to be reminded of how they were in the womb! 

Often new parents, okay, all new parents, come to the session and tell me “good luck, because my baby doesn’t like being wrapped” and are surprised when the baby settles beautifully when wrapped! 

Another thing to keep in mind is for the potato sack you want to wrap them three times. I know it seems quite excessive but t is essential to do this so they are nice and round on the flokati :) 

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