Tips for taking great pictures at home

I think all of us are on Facebook nowadays and use it as one of the primary ways to communicate nowadays. It’s a great website for keeping in touch with people and also looking at pictures of people. I think that’s why nowadays so many people are getting into photography: everyone wants to have great pictures of their kids to show to others, and also to have as keepsakes. 

So I often see moms at home trying to save money and taking their own pictures using blankets as backdrops. This is okay! We all start somewhere. But one of the big things you have to keep in mind is the closer to the backdrop your subject is, the greater chance you will have of having huge shadows on the backdrop. And another huge issue is toddlers move! Your backdrop may get wrinkled as well.

To fix this issue, pull your subject away from the backdrop. You want it in the back but so that there is enough room in behind your subject so the light is able to wrap around them :) 

Another issue I often see is when people use DSLR cameras they often don’t really know what they are doing. And because of this they will only use their camera on auto mode, which does one of the biggest indicators of a newbie photographer:

The on camera flash. Seriously, it is awful. It is so harsh, it will create deep shadows in any crease on your face and over highlight the areas you don’t want to be shown. You need something to diffuse the light, or take a darker picture and edit it in post :) 

And another thing is please invest in good quality props. Try to stick with one to three colours- too many colours and the eye doesn’t know where to focus on, and you want your child to be the star. I’m not a big fan of props because of this- it takes away from the subject. Especially ill fitting crochet outfits- a lot of clients bring these, and while they are cute in real life, they don’t fit the baby and take away from their faces. 

Good quality props, perfect lighting, and of course, knowing how to use your camera are going to be your best bets for getting perfect at home pictures. 

Give it a try! 

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