Fresh 48: Rachel

I have recently fallen in love with doing fresh 48 sessions. These are newborn pictures that are unposed and don’t require flash- but are taken at the hospital before the newborn and mother are discharged home! They can also be taken in the home. Like I said, they are unposed and simple photographs of the family interacting with the baby and can include the first bath, weighing, the first time the sibling meets the baby etc. It’s a very very special thing! 

So recently I photographed a lovely momma named Rachel who’s baby was just a day old. These photographs were taken just before they were discharged and the room was absolutely beautiful, with the best lighting you could ask for! 

Sweet little baby - just giving mommy a little rest before she gets to take this bundle of joy home! 

The lighting is so beautiful and really compliments the innocence and purity of a newborn :)

This is the first time that big brother Thomas found out he has a baby brother! These pictures are so sweet and truly capture the joy in his eyes. And it was so funny, the baby was only a day old but you could already see the similarities in them!

We also got some images of the first bath and the family all together- the baby really didn’t love the bath at first but was calm within a minute. It was so sweet to witness this special moment and to be a part of one of the firsts of this precious baby’s life- I truly feel honoured to be a part of it! 

I really love capturing newborns- I always say to my clients how different every baby is, and how funny it is to see how they all have little personalities. It’s really funny because no two babies that I have photographed have been the same- they all have their little quirks and things that show who they really are, even at just a few days old. 

What do you think? I would love to photograph this special moment for your family. You can now book your fresh 48 session - I encourage you to book as soon as you know. It works the same as newborn studio pictures- of course, your due date can change (babies have their own schedule) and I encourage you to book based on your due date with the mutual understanding that it is just a “tentative” date. 

I hope to work with you soon- praying you have the best, smoothest delivery ever! 

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