Why Under 14 Days?

Lately I have been getting a bunch of inquiries for babies who are older than 8 weeks! While I am confident we can still get pretty pictures of the baby, at that age they tend not to fit in any of my props and they will not fold their legs up in a pretty way to let me wrap them. Newborns are certainly best to be photographed under fourteen days. Another reason is newborns around ten days tend to get dry skin that’s prone to baby acne- it does go away and it is easy to photoshop out, but it’s always best to get things right in the camera. If you do want to get newborn pictures around an older get it is completely possible but you will not get the sleepy poses that everyone associated with newborn pictures. If the baby is not asleep, we can get some pretty, natural poses on the flokati.

It’s certainly much better if you book your newborn session as far in advance as you can. Not only will I be able to better customize your session, but I can also order some pretty accessories that I haven’t used before! 

Newborn, ten days old. 

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