Finding the Right Photographer FOR YOU

Hi guys! Me again. I’ve been crazy busy preparing for a fundraiser we’re having next week, but I thought I would write another post and take a break from all the madness! 

So I often get inquiries with people showing me pictures of images they want recreated from Pinterest. I am usually more than happy to oblige, but the issue is that it can, at time, go against my branding. Photographers are not just people with a “nice camera” you see, they are people who have spent a lot of time determining their right editing style, shooting style, and spend thousands of dollars on education and equipment. When something goes against their branding, they are not saying no to offend you- they might not be confident in the quality of reproducing those images might bring.

When you are looking for a photographer, make sure that you like THEIR images- not just their price. Often with photographer prices you will find you really get what you pay for. Nowadays because of social media, a lot of people consider investing in a dslr camera with little to no technical knowledge on how to produce a quality image, just to do “mini sessions” for $20. The quality of these images reflects the amount paid- uneven lighting, low quality props, small image files with bad printing ratios and often the subject is out of focus. 

So my point is, when you are hiring a photographer, you are hiring an artist. They have spent a lot of time developing their style and their vision- their package pricing is often well thought out to reflect their cost of doing businesss. Or time does not simply end at the click of a shutter- we have to edit, clean up, buy props, put sets together, take them down. There is a lot more to it, but the point of that is that the prices are nonnegotiable. Sometimes people message me asking for “one or two pictures” but that wouldn’t change the price- I would still have childcare costs, set up time, take down time, and editing. 

So please be kind to your photographers :) 

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