Will Spring Ever Come?

Lately I have had a huge influx of maternity clients. My studio space has also changed the ceiling is pretty low- too low to do too many studio maternity sessions. 

So we have been working with the outdoors- that means that my clients have had to wear gowns in the freezing weather. Thankfully they have not even once complained and we have gotten some beautiful maternity images out of them! 

I was also fortunate enough to finally receive the gown that I ordered way back in January- we had an issue with shipping. The seamstress who made these lovely maternity gowns accidentally shipped them to the states- so they were stuck there for a month. I am so blessed to have clients who understand and not one person complained :)

So we are finished with those maternity sessions. I recently had a little seven day old boy- he was a dream baby! He let me do pretty much anything- we got naked poses, prop poses, and parent poses all done in two hours, with over two hundred beautiful shots! 

I am still waiting for the parents to choose their images but since I always post a sneak peek this is one of them:

How beautiful is the lighting? And this little newborn is such a cutie!! He was over nine pounds! So crazy. And he slept like a champ :)

Can’t wait to see all the cute spring babies that will be coming in the next week! :) 

How many of you are due? What are your favourite shots? 

You can follow the specials that I have coming up for spring cherry blossom sessions and book once the sessions come up (I am currently suuuuuper busy so I will only be offering a limited number of spots for these sessions) on my Facebook page- www.facebook.com/erikamichellephotography1 

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