Perfecting that pose

Newborn posing is super hard! Anyone who has kids will tell you that moving a sleeping baby is like moving a sleeping bear. Once they’re up, sometimes it’s hard to get them back to sleep! 

We know that as newborn photographers- we have watched countless videos, other photographers, and all sorts of other educational material to learn how to pose babies safety. Newborn photography is a lot of work- but once you get that shot, it’s soooo worth it. Lately I have been really working on perfecting my bucket poses and  trying a few new naked poses- there is a pose called the womb pose or the taco pose where the baby is literally folded over themselves. Sometimes when posing is taking too long, parents want to “help” but the issue with that is every move is calculated on my part and I have to wait for the baby to settle completely before moving onto the next part! So if it is taking a while, don’t worry- unless I ask you for help, I got this :)

Here are a few of the poses I have been working on: 

What do you think? I think they turned out great! I’m quite proud of them- and those babies are soooo cute! I love the puffy cheeks :)

I also recently moved my studio closer to Elmvale- I love it because I have a lot more space. I can set up all of my sets and still have room to move around so it works perfectly! 

If you are looking for a newborn photographer in Ottawa- I’m right here! 

Erika Michelle Photography 

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