Getting into Photography

With the age of social media, photography is becoming more and more popular. We have cameras on our phones and tablets, and anyone with kids probably has a huge full gallery of pictures they will post on social media (or won’t). 

So when people ask me what it takes to become a photographer, I struggle with starting a list because it takes a lot. We always see those momtographers on Facebook posting $20 mini sessions because they have a dslr, but is that really a sustainable business model? 

Most likely not. Because our job does not start or end at the click of a shutter. We have set up and travel time, finding the right light and finding a location, the day of the shoot, then travel home time and editing. It’s really a lot of (fun) work! But it is work. If you have children, you also need to havereliable childcare. Sometimes his is a struggle. Knowing how to use your camera is one thing, but also learning all about lighting is another. You definitely do not want to shoot outside at noon because it will make your subjects eyes dark holes- and I’m pretty sure they don’t want that. You also need to invest in good lenses and a backup camera- what if you were booked for a shoot and your camera malfunctioned? That would be a nightmare, especially if you were scheduled for a awedding. In newborn photography, photographers spend thousands of dollars on props, layering blankets, hats, headbands, accreditation, and posing and safety classes. I’ll write another post on this tomorrow because it’s time to get my son ready for the babysitters! 

Take care in this ice storm :)

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