Twins or other triplets are a challenge, not only for the mother but for the photographer as well! They are certainly a joy to photograph and to get to the process of taking a picture of multiple newborns is really fun. It’s interesting to see what traits they will take on and what their personalities are like. 

One thing about photographing twins is you will definitely need an assistant. In Ottawa, it is my first time photographing newborn twins as a fully paid client. I’ve done lots of model calls before; unfortunately the firs tone had colic and the second was a bit too old and didn’t want to be wrapped which made it hard for prop shots. 

Recently my client gave birth to two twins who were a bit early but perfectly healthy, and she made it in time for us to get a lot of nice pictures! And- this was my first client who really liked deep colours (I ugh prefer that to shooting pink or purple). 

We certainly got some really nice shots and it was a lot of fun! What do you think? 

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