Taking pictures of your own children

Anyone who has children likes to take pictures of said children. After the child is mobile, it’s pretty difficult to find the time or finding time that the child will cooperate. For us, I find that since we are so busy the time when my son cooperated the best is when I have a day off and we just do things together. The other day, the weather was finally nice so we decided to go for a walk. I told my son we would go on an adventure- the sun was shining and the grass was finally turning green, and there were even some flowers that had already bloomed on people’s lawns. Of course these made the perfect background and we went and took some pictures. Those are my favourites- just natural shots of us spending timetogether. I feel like these will make the greatest memories when he is too old to call me mommy. You don’t need an amazing background for amazing shots, try going for a walk and exploring your neighbourhood. Alter your angles to change the view and the focus of th image. I would love to see what you can come up to with!! 

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