Hiking with Family

I love nothing more than taking pictures of my own family. When I was a child, our basement flooded which destroyed all of our family’s pictures so I want to be sure we have a ton of pictures for when my son gets older. (I literally save them to four or five places!) 

Yesterday we decided to do a family outing and it was so much fun! I was o worried about my son having the stamina to walk the whole way but he actually did really amazing! He cried and threw a bit of a tantrum when it came time to leave which was pretty sad. But it was a really nice way to end the day- I had a cake smash and a newborn shoot I earlier in the day. Work has been soooo busy lately, and while I am extremely grateful for that, I miss spending time with my family (as I’m sure everyone would!) 

My son was born with half a heart which I won’t go too much into, but we are a part of a lot of support groups for families going through the same thing- our heart family recently suffered a big loss, and I took it pretty personally and have been having a hard time dealing with it on a personal level. It’s hard seeing someone with the same disease as your son pass away- it makes you realize how short life really is. And also how it can be taken from you in an instant so I really needed to spend some quality time with him.

I hope you enjoy the photos and are having a lovely spring with your own family! 

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