The Importance of Family Pictures

Now that summer is upon us, a lot of you may be busy making plans with your family. But have you ever thought of the importance of getting family pictures put up in frames and displaying them around your house? Digital files are great, but a quality print will last a lot longer than those printed at mass printers like Walmart or Costco, and will withstand the sun and wear and tear. 

Sure, I always get told two things: My husband doesn’t like them, and two, my kids don’t cooperate. Well I have a toddler and let me tell you that ten minutes is enough time to get hundreds of pictures. It really does not take long. Our DSLR cameras are a lot different than your phone cameras, they can shoot one picture in 1/500ths of a second. Just take a second to imagine how fast that is, and we can shoot faster as well. As long as your photographer knows how to use their camera, you’ll get amazing shots. It’s also often thought that more time is better, but if you have a young child you will know tha they have very short attention spans. I actually have a promotion for July family portraits, and after that I will be raising my prices again.So don’t forget to book your family session soon! I’ll also be posting my fall family sessions really soon, last year sold out very quickly and I won’t be offering as many spaces as I did last year - oh and there will be early bird pricing as well! 

And did you know that having family portraits displayed is good for your child’s self esteem? Look here for more

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