Winning an award

I spend a lot of time to be able to be found on search engines and building up my client base. I think the thing I enjoy most about doing photography is meeting all sorts of different people and hearing about their stories. I also find that with newborn photography every mom has a different story and a lot of new moms are embarrassed or shy to talk about difficulties they had or difficulties their child had if they were sick. In my opinion this is something that really needs to be spoken about because it is part of your story! My son was also born with a severe congenital heart defect called hypoplastic left heart syndrome and because of that he developed other problems, like having a stroke after his last open heart surgery and developing pulmonary hypertension in his lungs. It is a part of his story, and my story, even though him and I will have different versions of that story- it is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about :)

Totally unrelated but I won an award! 

I also would really like to thank my clients for their truthful reviews about their experience with me- it is because of you hat I have been rated one of the top three baby and family photographers in Ottawa! 

You can see it here:


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