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Hi there, I've mentioned this quite a few times before but my son was born with a rare heart condition, so this topic affects me quite personally.

Recently, you may have seen that the blood banks are quite low on blood. Therefore to promote people donating blood I am trying to get together an advertisement - I am looking for anyone who has children that have received blood transfusions. Adults are welcome too! I'm trying to show people how personal it can get, and how ANYONE can need blood. The session is completely free to you, you just need to show up to the place. It's a quick 20 minute session and you will receive free images for allowing me to use the images to promote blood donation. You have nothing to lose!

It affects so many babies - many many babies need blood transfusions and would die without them. My son was required to have his first open heart surgery when he was 7 days old, and even though his surgical recovery was fine his heart could not deal with the new blood flow and his body was grey until he was six months old. In this period of time alone, not including the blood he received during his surgery, he had to receive 41 units of blood. That is a lot of blood for one little baby. Now you may be reading this and asking - wait, why don't you donate blood to your kid then? Well, this is actually frowned upon. I can't totally remember the reasoning they gave me but something about how families donating blood to each other is not a good idea. Also, the best option is actually for him to donate his own blood to himself, but as he was so sick and this actually takes 6 months made this option not a good one for us.

My point is that it just takes an hour of your time. A lot of people have a lot of excuses as to why they can't or won't (just look at the comments on the news articles) but people - it is only an hour of your time. I've already donated blood and plan to donate as soon as enough time has passed to allow me to donate again - I hope that this will affect you in some way and help you make the right decision.

There are many places around Ottawa that do these blood drives.

Are you on medications? Most medications are allowed. There is also a convenient eligibility quiz on here.

Make your appointment here:

And if you would like to sign up for the modeling sessions, please send me an email at

Also, our spots are booking up for fall family sessions, so book accordingly. In the next two/three weeks we will be posting openings for Christmas sessions! Yay!

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