Session Length/Quality over quantity

Every once in a while I get a message asking how long my sessions are. I have been in business for two years now and I can tell you one thing: your three year old is not going to sit pretty and smile for an hour, especially if you are planning outfit changes!

Shutter speed is everything when it comes to photographing kids, they move fast and the smiles might only last a split second - it is part of my job to capture that. In about twenty minutes I can get over 300 pictures (imagine if your shutter speed is going 1/500 of a second - that's a LOT of pictures).

Most of the time photographers who advertise hour long sessions are not going to get a good quality of shots near the end because the kids just lose it. It's best to know your kid's limits and stick within it so you're not dealing with a meltdown.

Even the best of kids will have their limits - I know I wouldn't want to sit around for an hour to get my picture taken, so I try to take that into mind when I'm taking images of other families.

Twenty minutes is about the hot spot - the good thing is, however, that I typically don't time my sessions. Even though the advertisement says a certain amount of time, I allow as much time as necessary ( except for mini sessions when sessions are back to back, which I very rarely do).

The point of this blog post is amount of time given does not equal more pictures.

I always let my clients choose their own images - I don't really like when photographers choose the best images because as a professional we see our pictures differently than clients do - We see the technical side and what we can add to our portfolio as showing a new skill or composition. I would personally like to choose which images make me look the best because I like having pictures of the people I love on my walls and displayed around my house - who wants to see pictures of themselves where they look bad?

So keep this in mind when you are choosing a photographer. We all know we aren't a good fit for everyone, and every photographer runs their business differently - this is just how we run ours. We do what works, and it's working well!

I love you all and thanks for reading - fall is coming and I cannot wait for the pretty foliage and fall family pictures! It's going to be a blast!

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