Newborn Photography Sessions

So much goes into each photography session and it isn't just the stuff you see!

Even though we do have a small prep guide on our website, I find a lot of new parents are asking "what should I bring? Do I need to prep anything?"

So I'm going to write a blog post about how a newborn session usually goes.

The very first thing that goes into sessions is the consult! This is usually done over email but lately I have been getting quite a few phone calls. It's great to have everything laid out in terms of what the client wants and also what I expect from them as my clients.

In the phone call or email, we will go over what colours the client wants for their session and what poses they really like. While I never guarantee poses, I do like to get what the client wants so I will of course try for these poses. We will also go over the package details and discuss which package will suit the client's needs. Each package is very different so it is important to know what you want out of your session!

Then we will set up a time for the session. I always recommend under two weeks for the session but we can do older - it's just important to have realistic expectations. Babies after two weeks lose the flexibility they had in the womb and will no longer be comfortable being tightly swaddled (photography swaddling is a lot different than normal mommy swaddling). They also will not fit into a lot of props and it will be dangerous - but every baby is different. Preemies are an exception to this rule for the most part =)

Once the session is scheduled, I will arrive an hour or so early to set up. This means pulling out all the fabrics we will use like things to put in the props so the baby isn't sitting against the hardness of the props. I will also steam the backdrop fabrics, pull out all the hats and bonnets and tiebacks that we will use for your session, pulling out all the floordrops, setting up the backdrop for family images, and stuffing the props to allow for seamless transitions. Then I set up my light! Light is the most important aspect of photography, lighting can make or break an image =)

The last step is turning on the white noise machine and turning on the heat! Heat is of vital importance during newborn photography sessions - the heat makes the baby extra sleepy. Silence is not good during these sessions - silence is very unsettling to babies as they are used to hearing moms heart beat! White noise helps.

Then once the client arrives, mom will feed the baby and undress the baby. depending on the baby;s temperament I will start with naked poses if they are super sleepy, or wrap and start with prop poses if the baby is sort of unsettled. If there are toddlers coming to the session, we will always start with family images first so dad can take the toddler/child home or to the park while we continue the session with the baby =)

It is totally normal for the baby to need to feed often during the session- remember, we have the heat on and the baby will eat a lot more than normal as it's body wants to avoid being dehydrated! =) Make sure to bring drinks and snacks if you are breastfeeding especially.

Then once the session is done, I will upload the pictures and delete the blurry and unusable pics. From here, clients will choose their images and the images will be edited within a few weeks. Editing newborn sessions is a bit different because their skin is very blotchy and they develop acne or have scratches on their face (even if you don't see it during the session my camera will pick it up! I find this even with the babies with the best complexions also). Then lighting and any items that arent supposed to be there will be edited out, the edits delivered to the client, and clients are able to purchase prints through their gallery. =) If the package contains prints, those will be ordered (please allow up to two weeks for delivery).

And that is the newborn session!

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