Newborn Session Prep Guide

Newborn Session Prep Guide


These sessions are best done at 5-6 days but before 2 weeks of age. After ten days, babies go through a developmental and growth spurt and are a little harder to pose as they cluster feed and become more aware of their surroundings. They will also become harder to pose and curl up after this stage. Colic and acne can start to flare as well.

In order to ensure that the newborn session runs as quickly and as smoothly as possible, please follow these steps:

1. If the baby is breastfed, please do not eat anything spicy or anything that will make the baby gassy for 48 hour before the session. This includes foods that contain milk, broccoli, beans, spicy food, etc. When babies are gassy they will not pose easily and will not like being wrapped with their feet pressed tightly against their bodies.

In the case that they are fussy you can give ovol or gripe water before the session.

2. Interact with and keep baby awake for 1-2 hours before your session to ensure he/she is good and sleepy for the session. This is very important. Without this, we spend too much time getting them to sleep and not as much time photographing them.

You can stimulate the baby by giving them a warm bath or playing with them with some noisy and colourful toys to ensure they are awake! Don't keep them awake for too long however; an overtired baby will not sleep!

3. It is important that the baby has a full tummy for our session. Please do not think that you are overfeeding the baby - a hungry baby will not settle - trust me! The session will not go well at all. You can feed the baby when you get to my studio or you can feed the baby before you come if you are less than half hour from my studio. Please please please bring a LOT of extra milk because my studio is very hot and the baby will drink more to avoid dehydration!

5. Don't dress the baby in anything too tight and please loosen the diaper before you head over. It will help avoid red lines on the skin.

5. Bring a pacifier – they can be very helpful during the session! Its only a few hours and will not lead to nipple confusion.

6. Very few poses require the parents help, so please enjoy the session and take it as a time to relax!

Family Portraits with Baby

- Parent poses will be shot first if there is a sibling involved in the session. Siblings will have their images taken with the baby first and then after all family portraits are done I will ask that dad take the sibling to a local park, McDonalds, a museum, anywhere - toddlers don't have long enough attention span to sit still and quiet in the studio for hours on end, and it makes the baby stressed out and impedes on the session going well.

Parents are encouraged to dress lightly and bring extra clothes for themselves - the baby will be posed naked on you and there are chances of "accidents". Dads are encouraged to do skin to skin portraits with the baby.

PROPS and ‘Pinterest Requests’:

Please please please do not bring tutus, wings, large hair bows or anything of the sort - it is cute in real life but it does not photograph well. They also tend to create shadows and rub against the baby making posing in a nice way very difficult. If you have any special requests PLEASE let me know BEFORE the session. -I supply all of the backdrops, furniture, hats, headbands and wraps for the session, and my style tends to lean more toward simple photos that focus on baby. I am always open to new ideas but be aware that I will not use anything that will harm, irritate or look awkward or controversial (guns, deer antlers, etc) on your newborn. If you see something you like in any of our galleries, be sure to mention it before your session. I am open to suggestions on poses that you may have seen from Pinterest but please understand that every pose we do depends on how well baby cooperates and how safe the pose is for your little one. I cannot guarantee any pose for this reason.


-My home studio is located at 1467 Rushwood Cres, near the outlet mall off of Hwy #3. You can reach me at 519-890-1244 or by email.

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