A Day in the Life Christmas Sessions

I really try my best to capture candid moments and I'm not really a fan of images where people are overly posed in family images. I've been thinking for a while on how to structure my business to get my families the most out of their session - and I thought, what would I want out of a session? What types of pictures would I like to see? The truth is my favourite pictures are the ones where my son is in his element - I love capturing him doing his favourite things like playing with cars, or concentrating on colouring a page, or interacting with some of his favourite toys. They are the ones I can look back on and remember how hard he was concentrating or how hard he worked to learn a new skill! So I have made my mind to start offering day in the life sessions - sessions where I visit your home and document your family doing everyday things! It is truly the best way to capture smiles where you arent all unnaturally looking at the camera and forcing children to smile when they really don't understand what is going on and why they are there. Think about it, your child playing, you baking cookies, opening gifts, etc!

The best thing about these sessions is I edit all the best images and give them to you - so there is no limit to what you can receive!

These sessions will be priced at $175 plus HST per hour - you can book as long as you want! It would be perfect to use these sessions for Christmas cards - your family doing their holiday baking perhaps?

Email me at contact@erikamichellephotography.com to set up your session now!

I would love to chat with you about documenting memories for years to come! Remember, photography is truly an investment into your future =)

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